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Caterpillar Forklift Tires

All-Star Tire is your source for Caterpillar forklift tires and service for your Caterpillar equipment. Not sure what tire you need? Not a problem! Give us a call at (844) 307-1843 or send us a contact form and our team will help you find the forklift tire that is right for your budget and application.

Since 2000, All-Star Tire has been supplying forklift tires for Caterpillar equipment in the Houston area, across the country and around the world. Our team of tire experts has decades of experience and knowledge in the tire industry and can help you find the right solution.

We offer a wide selection of pneumatic and solid pneumatic tires for indoor and outdoor use and for heavy duty uses of your Caterpillar forklift. We also offer cushion press-on tires for indoor warehouse or outdoor hard surface use.

At All-Star Tire, we’re way more than just tires! Not only do we carry tires for the leading brands in industrial equipment, but we also service and repair forklifts and offer fleet management services. Our fleet of service vehicles is on call 24/7. Contact us today!

Caterpillar Towmotor

ModelWeightDrive TireSteer Tire
M20200016 1/4x5x11 1/413x4-1/2x8
F25250018x7x12 1/818x7x12 1/8
M25250016 1/4x6x11 1/413x4 1/2x8
M25D250018x6x12 1/814x5x10
EC15300018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
F3300018x7x12 1/818x7x12 1/8 Single
Option 1 300018x7-818x7-816 Ply
M30300018x6x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
M30D300018x6x12 1/814x5x10
MC30300016 1/4x6x11 1/413x4 1/2x8
EC18350018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
F35350018x6x12 1/818x7x12 1/8
Option 1 350018x7-818x7-816 Ply
M35D350018x6x12 1/814x5x10
EC20400021x7x1516x5x10 1/2
EP20T400018x7x12 1/818x7x12 1/8 Single
Option 1 400018x7-818x7-816 Ply
M40400018x7x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
M40B400018x7x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
M40D400018x6x12 1/814x5x10
M40DSA400018x8x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
Mc40D400018x6x12 1/816x5x12 1/2
EC25500021x7x1516x6x10 1/2
EC25E500021x7x1516x6x10 1/2
M50500018x8x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
M50B500018x8x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
M50D500018x8x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
M50DSA500018x8x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
EC30600021x8x1516x6x10 1/2
M60600022x8x1618x5x12 1/8
M60B600022x9x1618x6x12 1/2
MC60B600018x8x12 1/816x6x10 1/2
MC60DSA600018x9x12 1/816x6x10 1/2
M70700022x9x1618x5x12 1/8
M70B700022x9x1618x7x12 1/8
M70D700022x10x1618x8x12 1/8
M80800022x9x1618x6x12 1/8
M80B800022x9x1618x7x12 1/8
M80D800022x10x1618x8x12 1/8
M1001000022x6x1618x7x12 1/8Dual
M100B1000022x14x1618x7x12 1/8Dual
M100D1000022x12x1618x8x12 1/8
M120D1200022x7x16 Dual18x8x12 1/8
ModelWeightDrive TireSteer Tire
ModelWeightDrive TireSteer Tire
350S-1515150017x4 1/2 1/2x12 1/813x3 1/2x8
LT-35150016x3 1/2x12 1/813x3 1/2x8
350SG-2015200017x4 1/2x12 1/813x3 1/2x8
350SG-2024200017x4 1/2x12 1/813x3 1/2x8
351SG-2024200017x4 1/2x12 1/813x3 1/2x8
392SG-2024200017 3/4x5x12 1/816 1/4x4x11 1/4
410S200017 3/4x6x12 1/813x3 1/2x8
411S200017 3/4x5x12 1/813x3 1/2x8
422s200018x7x12 1/816 1/4x5x11 1/4
LT-35200016x4 1/2x12 1/812x3 1/2x8
Option 01200017x4 1/2x12 1/813x3 1/2x8
392SG2524250018x6x12 1/816 1/4x4x11 1/4
422S250018x7x12 1/816 1/4x5x11 1/4
422SG-2524250018x6x12 1/816 1/4x4x11 1/4
T25250018x6x12 1/816 1/4x5x11 1/4
Option 01250018x7x12 1/8
T25D250018x6x12 1/814x5x10
390S300017x6x12 1/815x4x11 1/4
Option 01300017 3/4x6x12 1/816 1/4x4x11 1/4
391SG300017 3/4x6x12 1/816 1/4x4x11 1/4
392S300017 3/4x6x12 1/816 1/4x4x11 1/4
392SG-3015300017 3/4x6x12 1/816 1/4x4x11 1/4
411SG-3015300017 3/4x5x12 1/813x4 1/2x8
422S300018x7x12 1/816 1/4x5x11 1/4
422SG-3024300018x7x12 1/816 1/4x5x11 1/4
440300017 3/4x6x12 1/813x4 1/2x8
441SG-3024300017 3/4x6x12 1/813x4 1/2x8
462SG-3024300018x7x12 1/816 1/4x5x11 1/4
GC15300018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
KT-40300017x5x12 1/812x4x8
Option 01300017 3/4x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
T30300018x6x12 1/816x4 1/2x10 1/2
T30B300018x7x12 1/816x4 1/2x10 1/2
T30C300018x7x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
T30D300018x6x12 1/814x5x10
Option 01300018x7x12 1/8
TC30300018x6x12 1/816 1/4x5x11 1/4
Option 01300018x7x12 1/8
GC18350018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
T35B350018x7x12 1/816x4 1/2x10 1/2
T35D350018x6x12 1/814x5x10
420400017x7x12 1/815x5x11 1/4
Option 01400018x7x12 1/816 1/4x5x11 1/4
421SG-4015400017x7x12 1/816 1/4x5x11 1/4
422SG-4015400018x7x12 1/816 1/4x5x11 1/4
441SG-4015400017 3/4x6x12 1/813x4 1/2x8
460400017x7x12 1/815x5x11 1/4
Option 01400018x7x12 1/816 1/4x5x11 1/4
461SG-4024400018x7x12 1/816 1/4x5x11 1/4
462SG-4024400018x7x12 1/816 1/4x5x11 1/4
590SG-4024400018x6x12 1/813 1/2x5 1/2x8
GC20400021x7x1516x5x10 1/2
LT-44400017x6x12 1/812x4 1/2x8
Option 01400017 3/4x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
LT-48400017x6x12 1/812x4 1/2x8
Option 01400017 3/4x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
T40400018x7x12 1/816x4 1/2x10 1/2
T40B400018x7x12 1/816x4 1/2x10 1/2
T40C400018x7x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
T40D400018x8x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
T40DSA400018x8x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
TC40D400018x6x12 1/814x5x10
T45B450018x7x12 1/816x4 1/2x10 1/2
500S500018x8x12 1/816 1/4x6x11 1/4
501SG-5024500018x8x12 1/816 1/4x6x11 1/4
502SG-5024500018x8x12 1/816 1/4x6x11 1/4
GC25500021x7x1516x5x10 1/2
LT-50500020x8x1617x5x12 1/8
Option 01500022x7x1617 3/4x6x12 1/8
T50500018x8x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
T50B500018x8x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
T50C500018x8x12 1/815x5x10 1/2
T50D500018x8x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
T50DSA500018x8x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
T55B550018x8x12 1/816x6x10 1/2
T55C550018x8x12 1/816x6x10 1/2
540SG-6024600022x8x1618x6x12 1/8
GC30600021x8x1516x6x10 1/2
LT-56600020x8x1617x6x12 1/8
Option 01600022x8x1617 3/4x6x12 1/8
T60600018x9x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
T60B600018x9x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
T60C600022x9x1618x6x12 1/8
T60D600022x8x1618x6x12 1/8
T60DSTR600022x8x1618x6x12 1/2
TC60D600018x9x12 1/816x6x10 1/2
TC60DSA600018x9x12 1/816x6x10 1/2
540SG-7024700022x8x1618x6x12 1/8
LT-62700020x9x1617x7x12 1/8
Option 01700022x8x1618x7x12 1/8
T70B700022x8x1618x6x12 1/8
T70C700022x9x1618x6x12 1/8
T70D700022x9x1618x7x12 1/8
T70DSTR700022x8x1618x6x12 1/8
TC120PRH(1)770022x6x16 Dual17x7x12 1/8
600SG-8024800022x5x16 Dual18x7x12 1/8
T80B800022x9x1618x6x12 1/8
T80C800022x9x1618x6x12 1/8
T80D800022x9x1618x7x12 1/8
T80DSTR800022x9x1618x7x12 1/8
600SG-9024900022x6x16 Dual18x7x12 1/8
T90B900022x6x16 Dual18x7x12 1/8
T90C900022x6x16 Dual18x7x12 1/8
T90D900022x9x1618x7x12 1/8
670SG-100241000022x6x16 Dual18x7x12 1/8
LT-721000020x6x16 Dual17x7x12 1/8
Option 011000022x6x16 Dual18x7x12 1/8
T100B1000022x6x16 Dual18x7x12 1/8
T100C1000022x6x16 Dual18x6x12 1/8
TC100D1000022x9x1618x7x12 1/8
670SG-120241100022x7 Dual18x7x12 1/8
T120B1200022x7x16 Dual18x6x12 1/8
T120C1200022x7x16 Dual18x6x12 1/8
750SG-150241500022x8x16 Dual18x8x12 1/8
850SG-150241500028x7x22 Dual22x7x16
900S1500022x8x16 Dual18x8x12 1/8
LT-901500022x8x16 Dual18x8x12 1/8
950SG-220302200028x10x22 Dual22x10x16
950SG-250302500028x10x22 Dual22x10x16
950SG-300303000028x10x22 Dual22x10x16
T3503500028x10x22 Dual22x10x16
950SG-400304000028x10x22 Dual22x10x16
T4004000028x10x22 Dual22x10x16
ModelWeightDrive TireRimSteer TireRim
F30300018x7-816 Ply4.3318x7-816 Ply4.33
F35350018x7-816 Ply4.3318x7-816 Ply4.33
EP20T400018x7-816 Ply4.3318x7-816 Ply
F40400023x9-1012 Ply6.518x7-816 Ply4.33
F40D400023x10-1212 Ply6.518x7-816 Ply4.33
F40DSA400023x10-1212 Ply6.518x7-816 Ply4.33
F50500023x9-1012 Ply6.518x7-816 Ply4.33
F50D500023x10-1212 Ply818x7-816 Ply4.33
F50DSA500023x10-1212 Ply818x7-816 Ply4.33
F60600023x10-1212 Ply818x7-816 Ply4.33
F60DSA600023x10-1212 Ply818x7-816 Ply4.33
ModelWeightDrive TireRimSteer TireRim
400-P20006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply4.5
480-P 202420007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
510-PG 202420006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88Ply4.5
510-PG 252425006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88Ply4.5
V25D250018x7-88 Ply4.335.00x88Ply4.5
Option 01250018x9-816 Ply75.00x88Ply3
501-P 302430007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
502-PG 302430007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
510-PG 301530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply4.5
GP1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
V3030007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
V30B30007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
V30B30007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
V30C30007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
V30D300018x7-812 Ply4.335.00x8 8 Ply4.5
Option 01300018x9-816 Ply75.00x88 Ply3
GP1835006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
V35B35007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
V35D350018x7-88 Ply4.335.00x88 Ply4.5
Option 01350018x9-816 Ply75.00x88 Ply3
500-P40007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
501-P 402440007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
502-PG 402440007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
601 PG 402440007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
DP2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
Option 0140007.00x1212 Ply Dual56.00x910 Ply4
GP2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
Option 0140007.00x1212 Ply Dual56.00x910 Ply4
V4040007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
V40B40007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
V40C40007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
V40D40007.00x1512 Ply5.56.00x910 Ply4
Option 0140007.00x1512 Ply Dual5.56.00x910 Ply4
Option 2400028x12.5-1520 Ply9.756.00x910 Ply4
V40DSA40007.00x1512 Ply5.56.00x910 Ply4
VC40D400018x7-812 Ply4.335.00x88 Ply3
V4545007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
V45B45007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
V45C45007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
600 P 502450007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
601 PG 502450007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
DP2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
Option 0150007.00x1212 Ply Dual56.00x910 Ply4
GP2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
Option 0150007.00x1212 Ply Dual56.00x910 Ply4
V5050007.00x1212 Ply Dual56.50x1010 Ply5
V50B50007.00x1512 Ply5.56.50x1010 Ply5
V50C50007.00x1512 Ply5.56.50x1010 Ply5
V50D50007.00x1512 Ply5.56.00x910 Ply4
Option 0150007.00x1512 Ply Dual5.56.00x910 Ply4
Option 02500028x12.5-1520 Ply9.756.00x910 Ply4
V50DSA50007.00x1512 Ply5.56.00x910 Ply4
V50SA50007.00x1512 Ply5.56.00x910 Ply4
Option 0150007.00x1512 Ply Dual5.56.00x910 Ply4
Option 02500028x12.5-1520 Ply9.756.00x910 Ply4
V5555007.00x1212 Ply56.50x1010 Ply5
V55B55008.15x1512 Ply6.57.00x1212 Ply5
V55C55008.15x1512 Ply6.57.00x1212 Ply5
680 PG 602460008.25x1512 Ply5.57.50x1010 Ply5
760 PG 602460007.00x1212 Ply Dual56.50x10 10 Ply5
DP30600028x9-1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
Option 01600029x9-1512 Ply Dual76.50x1010 Ply5
GP30600028x9-1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
Option 01600028x9-1512 Ply Dual76.50x1010 Ply5
LT 6060008.25x1512 Ply5.57.50x1010 Ply5
Option 0160007.50x1510 Ply Dual5.57.50x1010 Ply5
U 6600012.00x2414 Ply88.25x1512 Ply6.5
V6060008.15x1512 Ply6.56.50x1010 Ply5
V60B60008.15x1512 Ply6.56.50x1010 Ply5
Option 0160007.00x1512 Ply Dual5.56.50x1010 Ply5
Y60C60008.25x1512 Ply6.57.00x1212 Ply5
V60D60008.25x1512 Ply6.57.00x1212 Ply5
V60E60008.25x1512 Ply6.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0160008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 02600032x12.5-1520 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
VC60C60008.15x1512 Ply6.56.50x1010 Ply5
Option 0160007.00x1512 Ply Dual5.56.50x1010 Ply5
Option 02600028x12.5-1520 Ply9.756.50x1010 Ply5
VC60D600028x9-1512 Ply76.00x910 Ply4
Option 0160007.00x1512 Ply Dual5.56.00x910 Ply4
Option 02600028x12.5-1520 Ply9.756.00x910 Ply4
VC60DSA600028x9-1512 Ply76.00x910 Ply4
680-PG 702470008.25x1512 Ply6.57.50x1010 Ply5
760-RG 702470007.00x1212 Ply Dual56.50x1010 Ply5
DP3570002.50x1516 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
Option 01700028x9-1512 Ply Dual76.50x1010 Ply5
GP3570002.50x1516 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
Option 01700028x9-1512 Ply Dual76.50x1010 Ply5
V7070008.15x1512 Ply6.56.50x1010 Ply5
V70B70008.15x1512 Ply6.56.50x1010 Ply5
V70C70008.25x1512 Ply6.57.00x1212 Ply5
V70E70008.25x1512 Ply6.57.00x1212 Ply5
680PG80008.25x1512 Ply5.57.50x1010 Ply5
Option 0180007.50x1512 Ply Dual5.57.50x1010 Ply5
860 PG 802480007.00x1212 Ply Dual56.50x1010 Ply5
DP4080008.25x1514 Ply6.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0180007.50x1612 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
GP4080008.25x1514 Ply6.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0180007.50x1612 Ply5.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0180007.50x1612 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
S-880007.50x1510 Ply6.57.50x1510 Ply6.5
U-8800012.00x2414 Ply88.25x1512 Ply6.5
V8080008.15x1512 Ply6.56.50x1010 Ply5
V80B80008.25x1512 Ply6.56.50x1010 Ply5
V80C80008.25x1512 Ply6.57.00x1212 Ply5
V80D80008.25x1512 Ply6.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0180008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.57.00x1212 Ply5
V80E80008.25x1512 Ply6.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0180008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 02800032x12.1-1520 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
860-PG 902490007.00x1212 Ply Dual57.50x1010 Ply5
PL4090003.00x1518 Ply87.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0190007.50x1612 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0190007.50x1612 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
GPL4090003.00x1518 Ply87.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0190007.50x1612 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0190007.50x1612 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
V90E90008.25x1516 Ply6.57.00x1212 Ply5
960-PG 10024100007.00x1212 Ply Dual57.50x1010 Ply5
B-10100007.50x1512 Ply5.57.50x1512 Ply5.5
Option 01100008.25x1512 Ply6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
DP45100003.00x1518 Ply87.00x1212 Ply5
Option 01100007.50x1612 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 01100007.50x1612 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
S-10100007.50x1510 Ply6.57.50x1510 Ply6.5
Option 01100008.25x1512 Ply6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
V100100008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply5
DP50110003.00x1512 Ply87.00x1212 Ply5
Option 01110008.25x1512 Ply 5.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 01110008.25x1612 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
V110110007.50x1512 Ply Dual6.57.50x1512 Ply6.5
A-12120007.50x1512 Ply Dual5.57.50x1512 Ply5.5
B-12120007.50x1512 Ply Dual5.57.50x1512 Ply5.5
L-12120008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
S-12120008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
V120120008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
V130130007.50x1512 Ply Dual6.57.50x1512 Ply6.5
V140140008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
A-15150008.25x2012 Ply6.58.25x2012 Ply6.5
Option 01150009.00x2012 Ply6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
Option 021500010.00x2012 Ply6.510.00x2012 Ply6.5
L-15150008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
S-15150008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
V150150008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
DP70155008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
L-16160009.00x1512 Ply Dual6.59.00x1512 Ply6.5
S-167160008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
V160160009.00x2012 Ply Dual6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
V160B160009.00x2012 Ply Dual6.59.00x2010 Ply6.5
V160HF1600017.5x2520 Ply10.00x2012 Ply6.5
A-16165008.25x2012 Ply6.58.25x2012 Ply6.5
Option 01165009.00x2012 Ply6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
Option 021650010.00x2012 Ply6.510.00x2012 Ply6.5
B-16165008.25x2012 Ply6.58.25x2012 Ply6.5
Option 01165009.00x2012 Ply6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
Option 021650010.00x2012 Ply6.510.00x2012 Ply6.5
DP80175009.00x2012 Ply Dual6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
A-18180008.25x2012 Ply6.58.25x2012 Ply6.5
Option 01180009.00x2012 Ply6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
Option 021800010.00x2012 Ply6.510.00x2012 Ply6.5
B-18180008.25x2012 Ply6.58.25x2012 Ply6.5
Option 01180009.00x2012 Ply6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
Option 021800010.00x2012 Ply6.510.00x2012 Ply6.5
L-18180009.00x1512 Ply Dual6.59.00x1512 Ply6.5
S-18180008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
V180180009.00x2012 Ply6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
V180B180009.00x2012 Ply Dual6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
V180HF1800017.5x2520 Ply10.00x2012 Ply6.5
A-20200009.00x2012 Ply6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
Option 012000010.00x2014 Ply6.510.00x2014 Ply6.5
B-20200009.00x2012 Ply6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
Option 012000010.00x2014 Ply6.510.00x2014 Ply6.5
B-205200009.00x2012 Ply6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
Option 012000010.00x2014 Ply6.510.00x2012 Ply6.5
DP90200009.00x2014 Ply6.59.00x2014 P]6.5
L-20200009.00x1512 Ply Dual6.59.00x1512 Ply6.5
V2002000010.00x2014 Ply6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
V200B200009.00x2012 Ply Dual6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
V200BSTR200009.00x2012 Ply6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
V200HF2000020.5x2524 Ply11.00x2012 Ply8
A-222200010.00x2012 Ply Dual6.510.00x2012 Ply6.5
DP1002200010.00x2014 Ply Dual810.00x2014 Ply8
L-22220009.00x1512 Ply Dual6.59.00x1512 Ply6.5
W-222200010.00x2012 Ply Dual6.510.00x2012 Ply6.5
B-222250010.00x2014 Ply Dual6.510.00x2014 Ply6.5
Option 012250012.00x2016 Ply Dual812.00x2016 Ply8
V2252250010.00x2014 Ply Dual6.510.00x2014 Ply6.5
V225B2250010.00x2012 Ply Dual6.510.00x2012 Ply6.5
V225HF2250020.5x2524 Ply10.00x2012 Ply6.5
A-242400010.00x2014 Ply Dual6.510.00x2014 Ply6.5
B-242400010.00x2014 Ply Dual6.510.00x2014 Ply6.5
M-242400010.00x2014 Ply Dual6.510.00x2014 Ply6.5
AM-252500010.00x2014 Ply Dual6.510.00x2014 Ply6.5
Option 012500012.00x2016 Ply Dual812.00x2016 Ply8
AMP-252500010.00x2014 Ply Dual6.510.00x2014 Ply6.5
Option 012500012.00x2016 Ply Dual812.00x2016 Ply8
B-252500010.00x2014 Ply Dual6.510.00x20 14P14 Ply6.5
Option 012500012.00x2016 Ply Dual812.00x2016 Ply8
DP1002500010.00x2016 Ply Dual810.00x2016 Ply8
V2502500011.00x2014 Ply Dual811.00x2014 Ply8
V250B2500011.00x2014 Ply Dual811.00x2014 Ply8
M-262600010.00x2014 Ply Dual810.00x2014 Ply8
M-282800010.00x2014 Ply Dual810.00x2014 Ply8
AM-303000014.00x2416 Ply Dual1014.00x2416 ply10
B-303000012.00x2016 Ply Dual812.00x2016 Ply8
DP1353000012.00x2018 Ply Dual812.00x2018 Ply8
M-303000012.00x2016 Ply Dual812.00x2016 Ply8
V3003000012.00x2016 Ply Dual812.00x2016 Ply8
V300B3000012.00x2016 Ply Dual812.00x2016 Ply8
H-323200014.00x2416 Ply Dual1014.00x2416 Ply10
DP1503300012.00x2018 Ply Dual812.00x2018 Ply8
V330B3300012.00x2016 Ply Dual812.00x2016 Ply8
AM-363600014.00x2416 Ply Dual1014.00x2416 Ply10
H-363600014.00x2416 Ply Dual1014.00x2416 Ply10
AH-404000016.00x2524 Ply Dual16.00x2524 Ply
AM-404000014.00x2416 Ply Dual1014.00x2416 Ply10
H-404000014.00x2416 Ply Dual1014.00x2416 Ply10
LH-404000014.00x2416 Ply Dual1014.00x2416 Ply10
AH-454500016.00x2524 Ply Dual16.00x2524 Ply
H-454500016.00x2524 Ply Dual16.00x2524 Ply
AH-464600016.00x2524 Ply Dual16.00x2524 Ply
AM-464600016.00x2420 Ply Dual16.00x2420 Ply
AH-505000016.00x2524 Ply Dual16.00x2524 Ply
AH-525200016.00x2524 Ply Dual16.00x2524 Ply
AM-525200016.00x2524 Ply Dual16.00x2524 Ply
V5505500016.00x2524 Ply Dual16.00x25 24 Ply
AH-606000016.00x2524 Ply Dual16.00x2524 Ply
AM-606000016.00x2524 Ply Dual16.00x2524 Ply
V6206200016.00x2524 Ply Dual16.00x2524 Ply
Option 016200018.00x2528 Ply16.00x2524 Ply
V8008000018.00x3328 Ply18.00x2528 Ply
V11009000021.00x3532 Ply Dual18.00x3328 Ply
V900CH9000018.00x3328 Ply18.00x2528 Ply
V9259250018.00x3328 Ply18.00x2528 Ply
ModelWeightDrive TireSteer Tire
R40400015x19.514 Ply12x16.510 Ply
Option 01400018x19.59.00x1512 Ply
R50500015x19.514 Ply12x16.510 Ply
Option 01500018x19.516 Ply9.00x1512 Ply
R60600018x19.516 Ply14x17.510 Ply
Option 01600018x22.516 Ply10.00x1514 Ply
R60 (4 Whl.Dr.)600015x19.512 Ply15x19.512 Ply
RC60600015x19.514 Ply12x16.510 Ply
Option 01600018x19.516 Ply9.00x1512 Ply
R70700018x19.516 Ply10.00x1510 Ply
Option 01700018x22.516 Ply10.00x1514 Ply
R7 (4 WHL. DR.)700015x19.512 Ply15x19.512 Ply
R 80800018x19.516 Ply14x17.510 Ply
Option 01800018x22.516 Ply10.00x1514 Ply
R80800015x19.512 Ply15x19.512 Ply
ModelWeightDrive TireSteer Tire
K5-30300022x8x1617x4 1/2x12 1/8
K5-33330022x8x1617x4 1/2x12 1/8
K5-36360022x8x1617x4 1/2x12 1/8
K5-40400022x8x1617x4 1/2x12 1/8

we'll have you back in business in no time

forklift & tire service in houston, texas

24/7 Mobile tire service fueled by a team of trained, experienced tire professionals and by a fleet of 7 service trucks loaded with modern equipment to get you back to business as quickly as possible.

The All-Star Tire Difference

All-Star Tire prides itself in our 30 years of experience in the tire industry. We take an honest and transparent approach to helping you with your tire needs and will help you solve your problem, even if you don’t buy from us.

  • All-Star Tire offers the lowest Cost-Per-Hour tire use in the market.
  • Our approach to fleet management lowers your overall expense by recommending the tires that will maximize your savings for the duration of the tires.
  • Many of our customers who take advantage of our fleet management service have been with us for years as we keep track of their tire use and recommend when it’s time to replace.
  • Our broad knowledge base of industrial tires and equipment allows us to recommend the best solution for your tire needs to keep your equipment moving as long as possible.
  • Fleet Analysis – If you need an honest assessment on ways to save money on your tire expenses give us a call. We conduct an inspection on all your equipment, your processes for maintenance and leave you with an action plan. After that you can decide if you implement it yourself or have our team and products do the work.