Industrial Grader Tires

All-Star Tires in Houston, TX carries a wide selection of grader tires for your heavy duty machinery. Because graders are used on a multitude of surfaces, from dirt and gravel to snow and ice, equipping your grader with the right tires for the job is important. We carry pneumatic and solid grader tires with the tread you need for precision grading in any condition. Always consult your manual and follow the manufacturer's recommendations for replacement grader tires.
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L2-G2 Grader Tire
G2 Grader
Product# Size Ply O.D. Selection Width Tread Depth PSI Weight
398600L2 1300x24 12 50.3 13.1 30/32 44 148
398601L2 1300x24 16 50.3 13.1 30/32 54 148
398700L2 1400x24 12 53 14.2 32/32 36 175
398701L2 1400x24 16 53 14.2 32/32 50 175