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Rubber Track Sizes

SizeMake / Model
180x72B-39Bobcat MT50, MT52
230x96-33Bobcat E16, 320 series, 322 series, 323
Cat 301.6, 301.8
Takeuchi TB016
230x96-35Deere 17ZTS
Kubota KX41-2, 41-3, U15
Takeuchi TB15F & FR
300x52.5N-74Bobcat 325 series, 328 series,
300x52.5N-78Deere 27C-ZTS
Yanmar B27 Series
Airman AX27 Series
Komatsu PC27 Series
300x52.5N-80Bobcat 231, 331 Series, 334 Series, E26 Series, E32 Series
Case CX27B
Deere 27D
Komatsu PC27MRX
Kubota KX71 Series, KX91 Series
New Holland EC35, EH27B
300x52.5N-84Bobcat E35 Series
Komatsu PC30 Series, PC35 Series
Cat 303CR, 303.5
Hitachi EX35 series
300x52.5N-86Deere 35 Series
Komatsu PC35MR-2
Terex TC37
350x52.5-86Case CK35 Series
Kobelco SK035
Takeuchi TB035, TB135, TB138FR, TB235
350x54.5K-86Kubota KX121-3
400x72.5N-72Kobelco SK50SR, SK50SR3
Komatsu PC40 series, PC45 Series, PC50 Series
Takeuchi TB55R, TB55ur
Yanmar B5, B50-1, B50-2, B50-2A, B5-1, B6
400x72.5N-74Case CX50, CX50B
JCB 8045zts
Deere 50D, 60D
Kobelco SK50ur
Kubota U45, U45-3
Takeuchi TB045, TB145, TB153FR,TB250A, TB53FR
400x72.5W-74Bobcat E45 Series, E50 Series, E55 Series, 337 Series, 341 Series, 435 Series
IHI IS50 Series, IS55 Series
JCB 805.2, 8052, 8060
Kubota KX045, 161-, U45G
Volvo EC55 Series
400x72.5W-76Bobcat E60 Series
Cat 304C-CR, 305C-CR
New Holland EC60
Takeuchi TB260
450x71-82Cat 307, 307A, 307SSR, 308BSR, E70, E70B
B320x84-45Bobcat T140
B320x86-49Bobcat T180, T190, T550, T570, T590
Cat 239D, 249B
JCB 180T
B320x86-52Bobcat 864 Series, T200 Series, T630, T650
JCB 190T
Deere 319D, 323D, CT322
Komatsu CK20 Series, CK 25-1
Kubota SVL75 series
B320x86-53Cat 259B, 259B3, 259D
B400x86-49Bobcat T180, T190, T550, T570, T590
Cat 239D, 249B
JCB 180T
B400x86-50Case 440CT
B400x86-52Deere CT322, 319D, 323D
Kubota SVL75
B400x86-56Deere 329D, CT332, 333D
B450x86SD-52Bobcat 864 Series, T200 Series,T630 Series
JCB 1110T, 190T
B450x86SD-55Bobcat T250 Series, T300 Series, T320 Series, T730, T750, T760, T770
Case 445CT, 450CT, TR320, TR380
New Holland C185, C190, LT190C, LT195B
B450x86SD-56Cat 289C2, 289D
Deere 329D Series, 333D, CT332
JCB 260T, 320T
Komatsu 1020, CK30-1, CK35-1
Volvo MTC135c
B450x86SD-58Bobcat T830, T870
Kubota SVL90 Series, SVL95 Series
B450x86SD-60Cat 279C, 289C, 299C, 299D
T320x86K-46Gehl CTL55
Mustang MTL312
Takeuchi TL120, TL220
T320x86K-46Boxer 224, 300
Takeuci TB08
T320x86K-52Gehl CTL60, DTL65
Mustang MTL16, MTL316
Takeuchi TL8, TL130, TL230, TL230-2
T450x100K-48Gehl CTL70, CTL75
Mustang MTL20, MTL320
Takeuchi TL10, TL140, TL240
T450x100K-50Gehl CTL80, CTL85
Mustang MTL25, MTL325
Takeuchi TL12, TL150,TL250