Industrial Tire Sealants

Tire Sealant, Fix-A-Flat, Rust Protection

At All-Star Tire Co., Inc., we have an array of Off-Road tire products for Wheeled Medium & Heavy Duty Construction Equipment, including Scrappers, Loaders, Dump Trucks, Graders, Backhoes, Forest Machines, Excavators and Wheeled Dozers
The Tire Smart® Off-Road product lines are one-time preventative maintenance application products, designed and formulated to increase the service life of tubeless and tubed-type tires.
Our Merge-3000 Heavy Off-Road formulation was specifically engineered to sustain and protect the tires of Low Speed Construction Vehicles which operate in the most extreme conditions:

Fix a Flat & Tire Sealer & Rust Protection service in Houston Texas


The Tire Smart® Merge-3000 series is blended to suit low ambient operating temperatures down to -30°F (-35°C)
Fix a Flat & Tire Sealer & Rust Protection service in Houston Texas

TRP 9000

The Tire Smart® series TRP 9000™ will protect against temperatures down to -70°F (-56°C)

Product Features

Available in 9 Different Packaging Sizes

We ensure less waste by offering many packaging options depending on the size of your tires. In addition to 55 gallon drums we also offer bottles, totes and pails with pour-in or pump-in varieties.

    • Stable Air Pressure

This prevents bead, rim and porosity leaks, and seals around leaking O-Rings in OTR tires. It reduces Over-inflation due to heat buildup and results in less rolling resistance and better fuel economy.

    • Cooler Running Tires

This conducts heat away from the shoulder, tread and bead area of the tire and dissipates it through the sidewall and wheel.

    • Protection

Protects against Wheel, Rim, Belt Corrosion, and Rubber Degradation

    • Seals

Punctures of up to 1/4" Diameter. Our products seal punctures in the tread area of the tire up to 1/4" inches in diameter!

    • Casing Protection

Our products prevent air migration through the inner liner and ply cord material that causes the casing to weaken and fail, under inflation and heat buildup. It allows for better recaps and prevents the tire inner liner from drying and cracking.

    • Extension of Tire Life

Through the combined benefits listed above, the end user will experience extended tire and casing life.

    • Reduce Tire Expense

Our products can help reduce your tire maintenance budget by extending your current tire tread and casing life, reducing tire related down time and repair costs and by reducing equipment damage due to flats and blow-outs.