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Toyota Forklift Tires

toyota forklift tires
ModelWeightDrive TireSteerTire
5FBE10200018x6x12-1/818x6x12-1/8 Single
Option 01200018x7-810 Ply18x7-810 Ply single
Option 01250018x7-814 Ply18x7-814 Ply Single
Option 01300018x7-814 Ply16x6-810 Ply single
Option 01350018x7-816 Ply16x6-810 Ply
ModelWeightDrive TireSteer Tire
02-3FGC 10200018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
02-FGC 10200018x5x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
3FGC 10200018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
FGC 10200018x5x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
3FGC 13250018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
40-3FGC 13250018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
42-3FGC 13250018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
02-FGC 15300018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
2FGC 15300018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
40-3FGC 15300018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
42-3FGC 15300018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
6FGCU15300018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
FGC 15300018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
02-FDC 18350021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
05-FGC 18350021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
40-FGC 18350021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
42-FGC 18350021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
60 FGC 18350021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
62-FGC 18350021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
6FGCU18350018x6x12 1/814x4 1/2x8
FDC 18350021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
FGC 18350021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
02-FDC 20400021x7x1516x5x10 1/2
02-FGC 20400018x6x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
05-FGC 20400021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
2FDC 20400021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
40-3FGC 20400021x7x1516x5x10 1/2
40-4FGC 20400021x5x1518x5x12 1/8
42-3FGC 20400021x7x1516x5x10-1/2
42-4FGC 20400021x5x1518x5x12 1/8
4FGC 20400021x5x1518x5x12 1/8
60-4FGC 20400021x5x1518x5x12 1/8
62-4FGC 20400021x5x1518x5x12 1/8
6FGCU20400021x7x1516x5x10 1/2
FDC 20400021x7x1516x5x10 1/2
FGC 20400018x6x12 1/816x5x10 1/2
02-FDC 23450021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
05-FGC 23450021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
40-FGC 23450021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
42-FGC 23450021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
60-FGC 23450021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
62-FGC 23450021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
FDC 23450021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
FGC 23450021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
02-FDC 25500021x7x1516x6x10 1/2
02-FGC 25500018x6x12 1/816x6x10 1/2
05-FGC 25500021x7x1516x6x10 1/2
40-3FGC 25500021x7x1516x6x10 1/2
40-4FGC 25500021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
42-3FGC 25500021x7x1516x6x10 1/2
42-4FGC 25500021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
5FGC 25500021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
60-4FGC 25500021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
62-4FGC 25500021x7x1518x5x12 1/8
6FGCU25500021x7x1516x5x10 1/2
FDC500021x7x1516x6x10 1/2
FGC 25500018x9x12-1/816x6x10 1/2
02-FDC 28550021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
02-FGC 28550021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
05-FGC 28550021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
FDC 28550021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
FGC 28550021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
02-2FDC 30600021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
02-3FGC 30600021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
02-FDC 30600021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
02-FGC 30600021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
05-FGC 30600021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
2FDC 30600021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
3FGC 30600021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
6FGCU30600021x8x1516x6x10 1/2
FDC 30600021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
FGC 30600021x8x1518x6x12 1/8
FDC 33700022x9x1618x6x12 1/8
FGC 33700022x9x1618x6x12 1/8
FDC 35800022x9x1618x6x12 1/8
FGC 33800022x9x1618x6x12 1/8
FDC 40900022x12x1618x7x12-1/8
FGC 40900022x12x1618x7x12-1/8
FDC 451000022x12x1618x7x12-1/8
FGC 451000022x12x1618x7x12-1/8
ModelWeightDrive TireLoad WheelCaster Wheel
6HBW20400010 1/2x5x6 1/23.25x5
HB20400010x5x6 1/23.25x5.74x2
HBA20400010x5x6 1/23.25x5.74x2
HBW20400010x5x6 1/23.25x5.74x2
HBWA20400010x5x6 1/23.25x5.74x2
HB30600010x5x6 1/23.25x5.74x2
HBW30600010x5x6 1/23.25x5.74x2
HBWA30600010x5x6 1/23.25x5.74x2
ModelWeightDrive TireRimSteer TireRim
2FB712005.00x88 Ply34.00x86 Ply
2FB915005.00x88 Ply34.00x86 Ply
20-FBA1020006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
40-FBE10200018x7-812 Ply4.3318x7-812 Ply4.33
FBA1020006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
40-FBE13250018x7-812 Ply4.3318x7-812 Ply4.33
20-FBA1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
40-FBE15300018x7-812 Ply4.3318x7-812 Ply4.33
FBA1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
40-FBE18350018x7-812 Ply4.3318x7-812 Ply4.33
20-FBA2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
FBA2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
20-FBA2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
FCA2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
FBA3060008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
ModelWeight Drive TireRimSteer TireRim
40-2FG712005.00x88 Ply34.00x86 Ply
40-2FG715005.00x88 Ply34.00x86 Ply
02-3FD1020006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
3FD1020006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
40-2FG1020006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
40-4FG1020006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
42-3FG1020006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
42-4FG1020006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
42-5FG1020006.50x1010 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
4FG1020006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
02-3FD1425006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
3FD1425006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
40-4FG1425006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
42-4FG1425006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
42-5FG1425006.50x1010 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
4FG1425006.00x910 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
02-2FD1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
02-3FD1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
02-FG1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
3FD1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
40-3FG1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
40-4FG1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
42-3FG1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
42-4FG1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
42-5FG1530006.50x1010 Ply45.00x88 Ply3
4FG1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
6FDU1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
6FGU1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
FD1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
FG1530006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
02-3FD1835006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
3FD1835006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
40-4FG1835006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
42-4FG1835006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
42-5FG1835006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
4FG1835006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
6FDU1835006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
6FGU1835006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
FD1835006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
FG1835006.50x1010 Ply55.00x88 Ply3
02-2FD2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
02-4FD2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
02-FG2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
2FD2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
40-2FG2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
40-4FG2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
42-2FG2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
42-4FG2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
42-5FG2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
4FD2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
4FG2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
50-4FD2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
52-4FD2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
60-4FG2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
62-4FG2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
6FDU2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
6FGU2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
FG2040007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
02-4FD2345007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
40-4FG2345007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
42-4FG2345007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
42-5FG2345007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
4FD2345007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
4FG2345007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
50-4FD2345007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
52-4FD2345007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
62-4FG2345007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
02-2FD2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
02-4FD2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
02-FG2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
2FD2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
40-2FG2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
40-4FG2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
42-2FG2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
42-4FG2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
42-5FG2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
4FD2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
4FFG2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
50-4FD2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
52-4FD2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
60-4FG2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
62-4FG2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
6FDU2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
6FGU2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
FG2550007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
02-3FD2855008.15x1512 Ply6.50x1010 Ply5
02-5FG2855008.15x1512 Ply6.50x1010 Ply5
3FD2855008.15x1512 Ply6.50x1010 Ply5
50-3FD2855008.15x1512 Ply6.50x1010 Ply5
52-3FD2855008.15x1512 Ply6.50x1010 Ply5
02-2FG3060008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
Option 0160008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
02-3FD3060008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
Option 0160008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
02-5FG3060008.15x1512 Ply6.50x1010 Ply5
02-FD3060008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
3FD3060008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
Option 0160008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
50-3FD3060008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
Option 0160008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
52-3FD3060008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
Option 0160008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
6FDU3060008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
6FGU3060008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
FD3060008.15x1512 Ply76.50x1010 Ply5
FG3060007.00x1212 Ply56.00x910 Ply4
Option 0160008.15x1512 Ply6.56.50x1010 Ply5
02-3FD3370007.00x1212 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0170008.15x1512 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
02-3FG3370007.00x1512 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0170008.15x1512 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
02-5FD33700028x12.5-1518 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
02-5FG33700028x12.5-1518 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
02-FG3270008.25x1512 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
03-2FD3270008.25x1512 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
3FD3370007.00x1512 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0170008.15x1512 Ply7.00x1212 Ply5
3FG3370007.00x1512 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0170008.15x1512 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
5FD33700028x12.5-1518 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
5FG33700028x12.5-1518 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
02-3FD3580007.00x1512 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0180008.15x1512 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
02-3FG3580007.00x1512 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0180008.15x1512 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
02-5FD35800028x12.5-1518 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
02-5FDE3580008.25x1514 Ply Dual6.57.00x1212 Ply5
02-5FG35800028x12.5-1518 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
02-5FGE3580008.25x1514 Ply Dual6.57.00x1212 Ply5
03FD3580008.25x1512 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
3FD3580007.00x1512 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0180008.15x1512 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
3FG3580007.00x1512 Ply Dual5.57.00x1212 Ply5
Option 0180008.15x1512 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
5FD35800028x12.5-1518 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
5FDE3580008.25x1514 Ply Dual6.57.00x1212 Ply5
5FG35800028x12.5-1518 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
5FGE3580008.25x1514 Ply Dual6.57.00x1212 Ply5
02-3FD4090008.25x1514 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
02-3FG4090008.25x1514 Ply7.00x1212 Ply5
02-5FD40900032x12.1-1520 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
02-5FG40900032x12.1-1518 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
02-FG4090008.25x1514 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
03-FD4090008.25x1514 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
3FD4090008.25x1514 Ply7.00x1212 Ply5
3FG4090008.25x1514 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
5FD40900032x12.1-1520 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
5FG40900032x12.1-1518 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
02-5FD451000032x12.1-1520 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
02-5FG451000032x12.1-1518 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
5FD451000032x12.1-1520 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
5FG451000032x12.1-1518 Ply9.757.00x1212 Ply5
FD45100008.25x1514 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
FG45100008.25x1514 Ply Dual7.00x1212 Ply5
2FG50110008.25x1512 Ply Dual8.25x1512 Ply
3FD50110008.25x2012 Ply8.25x2012 Ply6.5
5FG50110008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
FDA50110008.25x2012 Ply Dual8.25x2012 Ply
2FG60130008.25x1512 Ply Dual8.25x1512 Ply
3FD60130008.25x2012 Ply Dual8.25x2012 Ply
3FDE60130008.25x2012 Ply Dual8.25x2012 Ply
3FG60130008.25x2012 Ply Dual8.25x2012 Ply
40-3FD60130008.25x2012 Ply Dual8.25x2012 Ply
5FD60130008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
5FG60130008.25x1512 Ply Dual6.58.25x1512 Ply6.5
FDA60130008.25x2012 Ply Dual8.25x2012 Ply
3FDE70150009.00x2012 Ply Dual6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
FD70150009.00x2012 Ply Dual6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
5FD70155008.25x1514 Ply Dual6.58.25x1514 Ply6.5
T1700D170009.00x2014 Ply Dual9.00x2014 Ply
3FD80180009.00x2012 Ply Dual6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
5FD80180009.00x2012 Ply Dual9.00x2012 Ply
FD80180009.00x2012 Ply Dual6.59.00x2012 Ply6.5
T1900D190009.00x2014 Ply Dual9.00x2014 Ply
T2100D210009.00x2014 Ply Dual9.00x2014 Ply
20-2FD100220009.00x2014 Ply Dual6.59.00x2014 Ply6.5
2FD100220009.00x2014 Ply Dual6.59.00x2014 Ply6.5
FD100220009.00x2014 Ply Dual6.59.00x2014 Ply6.5
T2300D2300010.00x2014 Ply Dual10.00x2014 Ply
20-2FD1152500010.00x2014 Ply Dual10.00x2014 Ply
2FD1152500010.00x2014 Ply Dual10.00x2014 Ply
T2500D2500010.00x2014 Ply Dual10.00x2014 Ply
T2800D2800010.00x2014 Ply Dual10.00x2014 Ply
20-2FD1353000011.00x2014 Ply Dual811.00x2014 Ply8
2FD1353000011.00x2014 Ply Dual811.00x2014 Ply8
T3000D3000011.00x2016 Ply Dual11.00x2016 Ply
FD1503300012.00x2416 Ply Dual12.00x2416 Ply
FDA1503300013.00x2418 Ply Dual13.00x2418 Ply
T3300D3300012.00x2016 Ply Dual12.00x2016 Ply
T3600D3600012.00x2016 Ply Dual12.00x2016 Ply
ModelWeightDrive TireRimSteer TireRim
TG1022004.50x126 Ply4.00x84 Ply3.75
02-TD2044007.00x1512 Ply5.56.00x910 Ply4
02-TG2044007.00x1512 Ply5.56.00x910 Ply4
TD2044007.00x1512 Ply5.56.00x910 Ply4
TG2044007.00x1512 Ply5.56.00x910 Ply4
02-TD2555007.00x1512 Ply5.56.00x910 Ply4
02-TG2555007.00x1512 Ply5.56.00x910 Ply4
TD2555007.00x1512 Ply5.56.00x910 Ply4
TG2555007.00x1512 Ply5.56.00x910 Ply4
02-3TD3577007.50x1610 Ply Dual5.57.50x1610 Ply5.5
02-3TG3577007.50x1610 Ply Dual5.57.50x1610 Ply5.5
3TD3577007.50x1610 Ply Dual5.57.50x1610 Ply5.5
3TG3577007.50x1610 Ply 5.57.50x1610 Ply5.5
40-3TD3577007.50x1610 Ply Dual5.57.50x1610 Ply5.5
42-3TD3577007.50x1610 Ply Dual5.57.50x1610 Ply5.5
02-3TD4599007.50x1610 Ply Dual5.57.50x1610 Ply5.5
3TD4599007.50x1610 Ply Dual5.57.50x1610 Ply5.5

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The All-Star Tire Difference

All-Star Tire prides itself in our 30 years of experience in the tire industry. We take an honest and transparent approach to helping you with your Toyota forklift tires and service needs and will help you solve your problem, even if you don’t buy from us.

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  • Our approach to fleet management lowers your overall expense by recommending the tires that will maximize your savings for the duration of the tires.
  • Many of our customers who take advantage of our fleet management service have been with us for years as we keep track of their tire use and recommend when it’s time to replace.
  • Our broad knowledge base of industrial tires and equipment allows us to recommend the best solution for your tire needs to keep your equipment moving as long as possible.
  • Fleet Analysis – If you need an honest assessment on ways to save money on your tire expenses give us a call. We conduct an inspection on all your equipment, your processes for maintenance and leave you with an action plan. After that you can decide if you implement it yourself or have our team and products do the work.