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Forklift Foam Fill Service in Houston, Texas

With All-Star Tire's tire fill, the air in your tires will be replaced with a resilient, high-performance urethane elastomer. They stand up to punctures and cuts and never leave you flat. How much does a flat tire on the job really cost? When you add up the cost of tire repairs, idle man-hours, missed deadlines, equipment charges... the costs can be staggering!

How much can you really save?

Vehicle/Tire SizeAfter 3 FlatsAfter 5 FlatsAfter 7 Flats
Skid Steer - 10x16.5$1,610 to $,28102,770 to $4,770$3,930 to $6,730
Lift - 1300x24$1,475 to $2,675$2,775 to $4,775$4,075 to $6,875
Forklift - 7.00x12$1,664 to $2,864$2,824 to $4,824$3,984 to $6,784

**Based on 2 workers per vehicle; 2 hours of downtime, salary & benefits, average gross revenue per vehicle of $200-$400 per hour, the service call including flat repair, less the standard cost of filling the tire.

Reasons and Advantages for Foam Filled Tires

  • Saves You Money
    All-Star Tire's tire fill is an investment that pays for itself! You save expensive flat repair and service charges, improve the life of the tire, eliminate interrupted work schedules, eliminate costly down time due to flats, and increase job productivity.
  • Improves On-The-Job Safety
    Eliminates sudden loss of pressure, helps to handle overload situations, adds a lower center of gravity to your equipment to reduce roll-over possibilities, and improvers traction.
  • Extends The Life Of Your Tires
    Tires that are improperly inflated wear out sooner due to over or underinflation. Tires filled with All-Star Tire's tire fill are pressurized to manufacturers' specifications and will stay that way throughout the tire's life. They can even be retreaded if the casing is in good condition.
  • Reduces Down Time
    All-Star Tire's tire fill can keep your workers and vehicles working instead of them sitting around, doing nothing, waiting for a flat tire to be changed or repaired.
  • Gets Rid Of Flats For Good
    With All-Star Tire's tire fill your tires are nail proof, slag proof, spike proof, glass proof, rock proof. They can roll over the toughest hazards and won't slow you down.
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