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Rubber Track Warranty

All products sold by ALL-STAR TIRE INC are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and materials. Any product found by us to have such a defect will be replaced or a reasonable adjustment or allowance will be made against the purchase of a new product, within our discretion. All other costs involved, including, but not limited to, labor, freight, service, and taxes are to be borne by the buyer. The buyer agrees that replacement or adjustment, as aforesaid, shall be exclusive remedy an that ALL-STAR TIRE shall not in any event be held liable for any special, indirect, or consequential damages. ALL-STAR TIRE makes no other warranty, express or implied and specifically excludes any and all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Joint & Steel Cord Failure:
Continuous Rubber Belt Tracks are covered against joint and steel cord failure for one (1) year from the date of invoice, or 1000 Hours. Warranty will not be issued if tensioning requirements are not met as stated in the disclaimer below.


All tracks should be installed based on OEM Service Manual Specifications. Any tracks not installed and tensioned to OEM specifications will be deemed the responsibility of the “Customer” and will not be covered under warranty. Undercarriage components must be checked before installation of any new rubber tracks to be certain that components are within the OEM specifications. Undercarriages with more that 600 hours of operation should be checked before installation.

Undercarriages operating rubber tracks with long pitch measurements of 109mm, 142mm, 163mm etc. should always be checked before installation of any “short pitch” rubber tracks. If the undercarriage has 1000 operating hours or more the sprockets and idler wheels should be replaced before the installation of the new rubber tracks. Worn undercarriages cause improper wear of the links (inserted metal pieces) and could cause joint failure or link failure. Continuous Rubber Belt tracks should not be used in “severe environments” such as demolition applications, concrete destruction, petroleum environments or steel scrap yards.

All rubber tracks should be kept clean of petroleum products. Tracks should be checked every 20-50 hours or after every rental for proper tension. The number one cause of track failure is improper tension normally caused by rental customers. When changing grade with machines with rubber tracks the change in grade should be met “head on”. Once the machine is on grade then turn the machine the direction the operator wishes to travel.

Warranty Exceptions:
Rubber tracks listed below are only covered by a ninety (90) day limited warranty against manufacturers defects. This warranty does not cover excessive wear or abuse as deemed by Factory Engineers.
Sizes 320x48x86, 320x52x86, 320x53x84, 320x50x84, 450x53x84, 450x50x84, 450x52x86, 450x55x86, 450x50x100, 450x48x100. These are skid steer style rubber tracks and are only covered on a “case by case” basis. ALL-STAR TIRE reserves the right to inspect all rubber tracks requesting warranty. All rubber tracks needing warranty adjustment must be retained until warranty has been issued by ALL-STAR TIRE.